Don’t Copy That Military ID

As a landlord or as a property management company, you have probably had an applicant who was a service member and used his Department of Defense ID as identification. And you probably took it as an acceptable form of identification; which it is, and then you probably made a copy of it. Did you know that it is illegal to make a photocopy of that ID?


The Department of Defense does not want these identification cards being copied as a measure of defense for national security. Don’t feel bad, not a lot of people know this and especially service members themselves don’t know this. We recently were educated about this at a recent NARPM conference. If you don’t believe me I encourage you to Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever you use to scurry the internet and find out for yourselves.
We are searching our files and destroying any copy, facsimile or scanned copy of Department of Defense IDs we may have. The only ones allowed to copy these IDs are hospitals or government agencies, so unless you fall under either of these categories, DO NOT COPY Military IDs.

Happy Renting!

Juan Restrepo

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